services, cabinetry Huntington Beach CA, cabinetry services Huntington Beach CA, cabinetry contractors Huntington Beach CA, cabinetry company Huntington Beach CA, cabinetry Huntington Beach California, cabinetry services Huntington Beach California, cabinetry contractors Huntington Beach California, cabinetry company Huntington Beach California, Located in the Huntington Beach area, Cabinets and Refinishing has made a leading reputation by doing quality work on a consistent basis. One of our goals, no matter with what type of job we are doing, is to make sure out customer is treated with kindness and respect. We’ll always make sure you are satisfied with the results, and we’ll only give you honest advice about what we think is right for your home. You can trust us to make sure your home looks just like you wanted it to, all without charging sky-high prices.

Our services are all done by trained and licensed woodworking experts, so you can trust the results that we achieve to look great for many years to come. You spend a lot of time in your home, so shouldn’t it look like you want? Let our experts take it to the next level so you can love it even more!


Crown Molding
– Custom Cabinets
– Entertainment Centers
– Kitchens
– Bathrooms
Cabinet Refacing
– Wainscoting
– Water damage restoration
– Fire and smoke damage
– Mold damage

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